Early 1980's Skate Punk from Oxnard: Agression

It has been awhile since we have covered off any skate music, so let's remedy that right now.  Agression was originally an Oxnard, California based skate punk band that started up in the early 1980's. Three of their members originally skated for Sims.

The cover of their 1983 album, "Don't Be Mistaken," shows 1970's Dogtown skater Arthur Lake as photographed by the legendary skate and punk photographer,  Glen E. Friedman, who documented so much of the early Dogtown skate scene.  Here's the original Friedman photograph that was used on Agression's album cover, as well as the album cover itself:

Some of you may recognize this photo of Arthur Lake:

Two of Agression's songs on this album are of particular interest for our purposes here. "Intense Energy" and "Locals Only."   The content of these two songs are very Dogtown to say the least.  Here they are with the lyrics below.

"Intense Energy"

Have you ever seen a skateboarder
Surfing in a pool
Flying over the coping
With a skateboard as a tool
Well you've got no time for me
You think it's cuz you're too cool
Then I'll see you later
I'm going surfing in the pool

It's a way to release, the intense energy
It's a way to release, it's a way to release
We just go in there and go crazy!

It's kinda like an addiction
Hard core craving affliction
Do you know of my position
I need to flow on the transition

You know we could be out busting heads
But we get rowdy in the pools instead
Laybacks, inverts, bio blacksides
Roll ins, roll outs, gnarly slides, we're grinding it

+ + +

"Locals Only"

Walk down to the beach and what do I see
Non local cars blocking up our streets
Don't they know the beach is for locals only
Don't they know they can't surf on our beach

This beach is for locals only
Don't they know they can't surf on our beach
This beach is for locals only
Take your silly ass and get it off of our streets
Gonna have to kick you out, gonna have to teach you why
This beach is for locals only

Go into the local store and what do I see
Out of town goons in front of me
Have no idea what they're doing around here
I think I'll hit 'em with this empty bottle of beer

Going into my waters and what do I see
Out of town fagots in front of my
All I want to know is what they're doing on my waves
Gonna have to show 'em how we behave
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