Two Dogtown Originals

Wes Humpston's skate art is, of course, legendary and has a well deserved cult-like status. As skate art goes, I am not certain you can find any more precious relics than the hand-drawn Dogtown boards that were created in the 1970's. Those boards are not only of interest as icons of early skate art, they also have an important place in the history of skateboarding generally being connected with the entire Dogtown and Z-boys narrative. I fear no contradiction in saying that such boards are worthy of being museum pieces, so important are they to the history and narrative of skateboarding and skate culture.

I wanted to share two such Dogtown boards that have recently caught my eye. Both boards incorporate the D.T.S. monogram, the iconic Dogtown cross -- an image which was borrowed from Craig Stecyk apparently -- and the distinctive scripting which has come to characterize the Dogtown boards. They are truly beautiful specimens -- treasures.

If you'd like to read about and see more of Wes' work, both from the 70's and later, I would highly recommend you try to acquire a copy of Bulldog's Art.
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