"Ah, Venice!" Part II (Or: "How Much Skate History Can You Find at One Venice Intersection?")

Check out this great shot from Jim "Red Dog" Muir and Dogtown Skateboards, showing their classic Dogtown style deck ("OG Rider custom fades with a small spoon nose mid eighties style concave") right in the heart of Venice, California. (Take note of the iconic "Venice" hanging that is found over the intersection of Pacific Ave. and Windward.) If you want the deck (and who wouldn't!) head on over to their site.

And if you want a bit more skate history from that intersection, if you were to just look a little to the right of where this photo is taken, you'd see Venice Originals, and if you were to walk just one block to the left, down Pacific Ave. to 17th. Ave, you'd see the site of the famed Natas Kaupas fire hydrant spin.

Here's a snap of it (and feel free to check it out for yourselves):

The fire hydrant in question is visible on the left, and if you look to the right, you might recognize the wall mural of the building which is seen in the background of that spin, as seen in Santa Cruz' Streets on Fire video.
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