The Dogtown Big Boy

Dogtown needs no introduction (and if it does, well...). I saw today that Dogtown Skateboards have announced that they have now gotten in their Big Boy Pool boards. The Big Boys measure 9.375" x 33", have a 16" wheelbase, a 6" nose and a 7" tail.

I'm loving the design of these, especially the lighter one on the right:

It's not clear to me yet, but it looks like it might sell for $69.00 USD. Keep a watch on the Dogtown website if you're interested in one. (I know I will be.)

Whether you're skating pools or not, imagine cruising around on one of these. For a long while I debated whether to go "pop" or old school for a rider, then I realized it didn't need to be an either/or but could instead be a both/and. In view of that, while I have a newer shaped board to ride, I'm also on the lookout for something more old school; something like what I had back in the '80's. The Dogtown issues always capture my attention in this regard and this particular issue is is no exception.

Of course, Dogtown Skateboards have other really interesting old school type offerings:

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