"SK8FACE" Documentary on History and Evolution of Skate Art

Given that this site is itself focused on skate art and culture, the following documentary really caught my attention. Many of you have likely already heard of it, but for the sake of those who perhaps haven't, it's a documentary that is currently in production under the direction of Matt Bass, coming out of (where else) Venice, CA. called SK8FACE and it deals with the history and evolution of skate art. The makers of @SK8FACE note that they have interviewed over 60 skaters and skate artists, including the likes of Sean Cliver, Mark Gonzales and Neil Blender, have travelled to numerous art shows around the world and collected together a significant amount of archival footage and photos.

Here is a summary of the documentary:

SK8FACE is a documentary feature film about the History and Evolution of skateboard art. The documentary spans 5 decades and features over 60 iconic artists.

Where did skateboards come from? How did they evolve? Meet the masters who changed the face of Art History and Skateboard Evolution. If you like grip tape, paint markers, pens, pencils, curbs, ledges, concrete, plywood, power tools, sawdust, grinding, art, design, photography, music, film, video, xeroxes, silk screening, spray paint, urethane, sealed bearings, going fast, old school, new school, making stuff or skating stuff, you have arrived.

There are two videos which you really need to watch if you want to get a sense of things.

If you want a bit more of a taste, they have created a number of micro-movies all around 30-40 seconds in length which you can watch. Here are just a few of them.

While the filming is essentially done for this film, it would appear that they are still in need of backers to help fund the final completion of it. If you're in a position to help them, please do. This is about the history of skating, skate art and skate culture. It's worth it.

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