Wes Humpston and the Dogtown Skateboards

Wes Humpston needs no introduction of course. He is the Dogtown skater and artist who was behind so much of what we've come to associate with the Dogtown art of the 1970's. As my refrain always is, there is "o.g." and then there is "O.G.". For me, if it's Dogtown, it is on a level all to itself. I was born in the 70's and a skateboarding child of the 80's, so while the 80's are my own personal "core" as skating goes, the fact is that I recognize that the Dogtown skaters and artists are the godfathers of skating as we have come to know it. They command our admiration, respect and undue gratitude. Without them, skateboarding as we know it may have never come to be.

Here is a short documentary by Walrus TV with Wes Humpston which takes you through some of his work. The video as described by Walrus TV:

Best known for his work on the original Dogtown boards, Wes Humpston has been involved in skateboard graphics since the 1970's. Still heavily inspired by Zap Comics, art nouveau, and album covers, his designs retain their original Cali-born aesthetic. In addition to appearing on vintage Dogtown Skates decks, his artwork is now featured on the old school decks from his new company Bulldog Skates.

I hope you enjoy this video as I have -- which includes some lesser seen Dogtown footage. Amazing stuff.

As a bonus, here are two additional video interviews with Wes:

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